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How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

As new parents, we have so much to start thinking about and of course worrying about. Is my baby growing well? Is he/she eating enough? and the ever so popular.. Is my child getting enough sleep? Babies and children require sleep. Lots of it. It is not a luxury, it is a biological need. When […]

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New Years Resolutions: A Self-Esteem Builder for Your Child

As a grownup, you might come into each new year with an almost automated sense of it being the time of year to make new years resolutions and do what you can to improve yourself. But how do you help your children understand New Year’s resolutions and help them make goals or resolutions that are […]


Family Holidays: Bringing Back the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is about giving of ourselves to the people we love and to people in need. Over the years, the Christmas spirit may have become confused with the giving of material items and we as parents need to remind our children what Christmas is truly about. While everyone loves to have a gift with their […]


40 Priceless Gifts Every Parent Should Give Their Children

With the hundreds of toys, electronics, crafts, and sports equipment gloriously lined up in the department store aisles to make any child’s (or grown-up’s) eyes sparkle, the BEST gifts we as parents can give our children are intangible, with values Far Greater than any virtual reality gaming system! Read More