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In recent years the West has made significant headway in securing equal rights for the LGBTT community. These advances were recently under threat in Puerto Rico, where the House of Representatives passed a piece of legislation that jeopardized the progress made over the last decade, and risked fueling division, prejudice, and tensions between communities.   […]


While the world calls for equality, respect for diversity and the defense of human rights, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the Governor of Puerto Rico are pushing for a measure that goes against all of the above and it encourages division, prejudice, hatred and the lack of respect for individuality. […]

Ricky Martin shakes his bon-bon (and everything else) in Tel Aviv

rds in 1999, a frustrated Chris Rock vented that all anyone could hear that year was Ricky Martin’s most famous hit – Livin’ La Vida Loca. “I’m tired of Ricky! On The Tonight Show – Vida Loca, on The Today show – Vida Loca, on the Flintstones – Vida Loca!,” he exclaimed. The catchy tune […]



Over the last 30+ years, Latin superstar Ricky Martin has been responsible for bringing Latin music to the forefront of mainstream pop. Along with fellow Latin acts including Marc Anthony and Shakira, Ricky Martin has been one of the leading forces behind the success of the Latin pop crossover movement in music; emerging as a […]

‘You Gave Me the Strength to Live an Honest Life’

To Matteo and Valentino   From the first moment you were in my arms, I have told you how incredibly grateful, honored and blessed I am to be your father. But I don’t believe I ever told you how you changed my life.   For years, the one thing always clear in my heart was […]

Ricky, Matteo y Valentino

Ricky Martin releases “A QUIEN QUIERA ESCUCHAR”

Finally, and after a long wait, Ricky Martin’s new album, ‘A Quien Quiera Escuchar,’ is coming out. The tenth album of this talented artist comes filled with emotional songs to be dedicated. Its first single is named ‘Adios’ and it reflects huge cultural influences from some of the places visited by the artist, showing a […]


Ricky Martin’s new song release was a ‘DISPARO AL CORAZON.’

On January 12, ‘Disparo Al Corazon’ was heard across worldwide radio stations, the new single written by Ricky Martin in collaboration with Peter Hood, Yoel Henriquez and Rafael Esparza Ruiz and featured production winner of multiple Latin GRAMMY ®, Julio Reyes. ‘Disparo Al Corazon’ is part of the tenth album of the singer, called ‘A […]


Adios video music clip is released on Twitter.

After the premiere of ‘Adios’ the first single of ‘A Quien Quiera Escuchar,’ in late September 2014, Ricky Martin, one of the most genuine and connected with fans artists through social networks, released this song’s video via Twitter under the #AdiosVideo, in which millions of fans could see its exclusive premiere, accessed through a tweet. […]


Ricky Martin started the year with right foot.

This has been a year with lots of activity for Ricky Martin. As of the end of the second semester of 2014, news were heard about his new album release, ‘A Quien Quiera Escuchar’ and just by the first day of January, his officials networks changed colors, creating a sense of curiosity among his fans […]

.ADF by Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin’s big career and his influence through music, television and the film industry have turned him into a worldwide fashion icon. That’s why, during December 2014, the artist announced his collaboration as a menswear designer for .ADF (A Different Fur) that happens to be a brand of the self-taught designer Alex Garcia and the […]