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Chilling - Mar 1

Disparo Al Corazon video release.

Today, the Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin, launched in scoop, through Primer Impacto, which is part of the Univison tv network, “Disparo Al Corazón” video, a song that has been a success and continues in the charts. Facing the mirror, Ricky Martin shows his more intimate side, shares the types of love simply, but awakens […]

A quien quiera escuchar 2015


EcoLife: 5 Things You Must Know to be Greener at work.

Small changes in your daily routine will generate major impacts on the environment and that is why here are some tips for being in tune with nature at your office. 1. Go digital We live in times where computer use has become necessary, but we continue consuming paper in alarming numbers. Try to get everything […]

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